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We've established that we live in a time of trend recaps, and today we're diving into the necklaces that are gaining traction. Chain necklaces have been one of our beloved jewelry trends this year. Necklace layering is among the most significant overall fashions. Usually using Cubans, rope, box, figaro and too many pendants. 

 Chain necklaces are yet another long-lasting trend that shows no signs of abating, with much more chain styles becoming popular, ranging from chunky chains to thin chains, solid gold to plated stainless. The prominent men’s chain designs for 2023 are appropriate for any season with any wardrobe.

What Are Some Trendy Chain Necklaces Today?

While dainty chain necklaces, cute earrings, and layered sequences were among the most long-lasting jewelry trends, bold chain necklaces are coming back in 2023.

After years of living in pullover sweaters and minimalist accessories, it's no shock that we're articulating enthusiasm with our wardrobes — including and especially with jewelry.

1. Cuban Link Chain Necklace

 A Cuban chain can be formed out of almost any metal.  The Cuban link chain necklace is an outstanding choice in men's fashion accessories. It's a twist on the traditional cable link chain necklace, with oval links interlinking in a flattened sequence. The necklace has gained popularity in recent years in more feminine jewelry. Women can wear gold chains for men for a more boyish look because the Cuban link chain necklace has been more of a “man” style chain. Usually anything over 8 mm wide men look better in. Women usually gravitate towards 8mm and smaller in width. 


2. Curb Chain Necklace

This popular chain design is a simple, classic design comprised of sequential, uniform links. Even when interlocked, these links are designed to lay flat.

Curb chain necklaces are a popular choice for chain necklaces, and bulky, beefy curb chains provide a boyish touch that appeals to men in particular. Smaller, slimmer curb chains are feminine and intricate and complement brooches and hanging pendants well.

Curb chains are incredibly durable, quite simple to use, and require low maintenance

3. Broken Heart Pendant 

Heart pendant necklaces are one of the most uncomplicated but most refined designs of jewelry. Not only do they prove subtle and fashionable, but the stunning pendant exudes a charming and elegant vibe.

Now imagine cute with a little bit of an edge, an iced-out broken heart chain necklace. The chain necklace is micro-paved with diamonds and plated with white gold. Its subtle, beautiful, and compliments just about any fashion apparel.

This glimmering heart-shaped charm necklace is an ideal fancy gift for close friends and loved ones.

4. Rope Chain Necklace

 Rope chains are by far one of the most stunning chain necklaces, consisting of multiple metal components twisted around to resemble an actual rope. This solid chain necklace is one of the best-known designs and is worn all over the world.

 Rope chain necklaces are one of the strongest and heaviest chain types and potentially the most textural. They are a good choice for pendants since they are incredibly strong, regardless of being thin or thick, and do not seamlessly separate. Rope chains look great all the way around. So all sides being the “same” it’s an easy pick for “minimalist”. 

 Rope chains are rather luxuriant and shiny due to the many separate links that refracts light from multiple angles, giving it a snappy, yet dazzling glow across the room. More edges means more places for light to reflect. Let’s not even get started with diamond cut rope chains lol.

5. Figaro Chain Necklace

 This highly regarded necklace chain is a fancier version of a Cuban chain. Figaro chains, which initially originated in Italy, are made up of an alternative manner of pancaked links of varying sizes. The trend is typically one long link followed by 2 or 3 shorter interconnections.

 The Most popular figaro link ratio is 3-1. This means 3 small links to 1 big link then the pattern repeats. 
The other ratios available are: 

  • 1-1
  • 2-1
  • 4-1
  • 5-1
  • 6-1 
  •  We don’t really see higher than that because it starts to look more like a Cuban link. 

 Figaro chains are worn by both men as well as women, making them the perfect gender-neutral choice. They're a weaker option because these chains are easy to tangle up, and when you untangle them the links can bend or brake easily if you pull too hard. Especially the tiny chains less than 4mm wide. Figaro chains are highly  mass produced (this doesn’t make them bad) in costume jewelry materials like stainless steel and brass. This makes them super affordable and an easy choice for new jewelry enthusiast to pick….. of course you can find it in every precious metal you can think of. 

6. Diamond Tennis Chain Necklace

Now where getting fancy…. A tennis chain necklace, on the other hand, refers to the continuous shimmering diamond display.  It is one of the easiest ways to rack up a high bill when buying a chain. So many diamonds need to be matched in size, cut, color, weather it’s real diamonds, moissanite or cubic zirconia, the difference in prices can be overwhelming to the point where you just want to give up…. you can’t figure out what a good deal is and what’s not. 

Iced tennis chain necklaces are intricately designed with tight interconnections and comparatively tiny bead-set diamonds which join together to form an elegant necklace with the other prong-set diamond. In a broader sense, the tennis chain necklace is a diamond necklace, similar to different types of diamond jewelry. It is perhaps more costly than your average chain necklace, which means you should be prepared to spend a bit more money on the chain necklace, but in the end, it proves worthwhile.

7. “Dog Tag” Ball Chain Necklace

A dog tag ball chain necklace is composed of small beads that connect to form a chain. The balls can be linked very tight together or with small gaps to enable mobility.

Ball chains are traditionally worn with dog tags and provide a cool, street-style look. Ball chains look best when coupled with pendants, but they also work well as stand-alone jewelry pieces. The disadvantage of this lovely chain is that it is not as strong as most other chains listed here and can break easily.


Gold (plated, filled, solid, and white) necklaces will undoubtedly be popular accessory choices for work and casual fashion. Although the minimalist style will be the hot new thing this season, Bohemian fashion and Gothic ranges may also be striking choices to make an impression. Or a big fat Cuban with honkin diamonds that cost more than a house may keep trending for the time being. 

So there you have it - our top 7 trendy picks for 2023.

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