Are you contemplating which choice would be better suited in your scenario, the Franco Chain or the Cuban Link Chain? Continue reading this post to discover the answer to the most sought question.

In the Franco chain vs the Cuban link chain debate, the answer completely depends on what you're searching for. Thinner links are arranged in a stricter, diamond-like fashion to form Cuban chains. This helps give them a much cleaner appearance than Franco chains.

So, which is superior? Let's learn more about Franco chains vs Cuban link chains in more detail.

What Is A Franco Chain?

The Franco chain, which is labeled after the Italian designer who invented it, is based on the original curb sequence used by Italian jewelers. These closely linked chains have been crafted with a succession of intricately woven V-shaped links, both recognized as chevrons, offering them a thicker, smoother appearance that is perfect for displaying high-quality pale, yellow, or rose gold.

You might well have noticed chevron links on Foxtail chains, but Franco chains only really have chevrons on 2 of their 4 corners. The Franco chain's other two sides resemble a curb connect sequence. This appears to mean that it obviously depends on how you dress your Franco chain; you could indeed emphasize the curb or chevron style.

Even though the Miami Cuban Link is arguably the most famous style of chain necklace, the Franco chain has attracted attention in recent years and has become one of the most desired designs for a few reasons.

This chain's closely linked V-shaped links make it extremely strong, making it ideal for wearing with a heavy and bulky pendant.

Unlike many other chains, along with the prevalent Miami Cuban Link, the dynamic nature of Franco link chains means they will not get captured when worn, which is among the minor irritations that neck chain enthusiasts put up with. This is just another factor where Franco chains perform well enough with pendants.

You must have seen pendants with large bails (the part that helps connect the medallion to the chain) on small chains to keep them from getting tangled. With a Franco chain, you get to choose the optimum size pendant and bail for said chain without needing to worry about causing damage to your jewelry or your apparel.

What Is A Cuban Link Chain?

These days, the Miami Cuban link necklace is a highly regarded piece of jewelry. It has a layered pattern that helps to make the chain thicker and more appealing, probably the most common form of men's gold chains. The link framework can be enlarged into extended or oval shapes, changing the appearance completely.

Gold jewelry or chains have a long history and are still popular gifts for many instances, such as an anniversary, a birthday, or Valentine's Day. Miami Cuban link chains originally came from Cuba, and members of the Cuban aristocratic class first wore them. Cuban immigrants decided to introduce the jewelry style to Miami in the early twentieth century.  

It got its name, Miami Cuban link chain, and it was especially popular in the mid-80s and somewhere in the early 90s when hip-hop and R&B music producers wore it. A "Cuban link" or a Miami Cuban link are other names for this bangin' piece of jewelry.

Franco Chain Vs. Cuban Link Chain

Now the Franco chain vs. Cuban link chain argument is a little tricky because of their slightly similar appearances but keep reading to find out their intricate differences.

A Franco chain is a must-have among the many uniquely styled medallions currently offered in hip-hop jewelry. The intricate design of these necklaces hints at an elevated level of expertise, quality, precision, and complexity. Franco necklaces are frequently worn alone, without ornament, because their versatile design complements a more sophisticated look. They look great folded into a shirt or sweatshirt, with only the neck visible, creating a fashionable distinction with attire, accessories, or different metal jewelry like titanium, tungsten, and steel.

Now when comparing Franco chains vs Cuban link chains, the latter is not that different in the appeal style but still differs in mass.

A "Cuban chain" is a type of chain wherein the circle or oval gold rings are intertwined to form a smooth, perfectly synced pattern. The sequence of the Cuban link chain allows the links to stay flat on your wrist or chest. The Cuban link chain is a classic item that can be worn with almost anything.

A Cuban link chain has links that are substantially larger and fatter than some other types of chains. The Cuban link chain now has a more significant appearance and feel.

In addition, the Cuban link chain's model is less likely to snatch up on garments or other items. The Cuban link chain is much less prone to kinking, making it an excellent option for those looking for a chain that will lay smoother and look fantastic over time.

Cuban chains are also great for large pendants because the firm links can support heavy pendants without having to bend or break. The Cuban link chain is ideal if you want to make a statement with your jewelry. It's daring, stylish, and will cause a stir everywhere you go.


The Franco style is chunkier than that of the Cuban style, but it is less common. But if you want a gold-plated chain, we recommend the Cuban because it is easier to electroplate gold.

If you tend to favor the roundness of the diamond trim, the Franco chain is far superior to the Cuban. Since Franco chains are larger than Cuban link chains, a 3.5mm Franco will suffice.

The diamond-cut changes the Franco significantly, something you might not like on your Cuban link chains. Your only criticism about the Franco chain vs the Cuban link chain would be that the Franco chain sometimes can snag on your clothes.

The verdict on Franco chain vs. Cuban link?

It depends on your preference, really. Franco chains have a v shape, providing it more girth and durability, but the Cuban link chain has 4-dimensional sides, providing it a more solid and sturdier structure. What would you choose?

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META DESCRIPTION: Franco chains and Cuban links are one of the most popular accessories. A Franco chain is probably the best option if you would like something that can last a lot longer; on the other hand, a Cuban Link chain is perhaps a better option if you're searching around for something sleeker.


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