Have you been in a situation where you attempted to make your outfit stand out but were not really sure how? Jewelry accessorizing is one of the most clever and compelling ways to add the 'wow' factor to your outfit.

Accessories for men are among the most underappreciated fashion choices, but that's about to change this year. Read this post ahead and figure out some options if you want to do something different, i.e., switch it up or spice up your outlook.

A chunky necklace provides an edge to your outfit without being too overpowering, and it looks great on everybody. For a long time, Cuban Link Chain necklaces were one of the most famous jewelry statement pieces for 2020. Everyone, from your favorite "It" girls to musicians and artists, seemed to be wearing an icy fresh-made version around their neck.

The famous thick-and-heavy look has allowed for a resurgence of big fat chain necklaces, studs, bracelets, and much more, contributing to yet another vital part of your favorite jewelry collection.

However, since trends have changed, almost every corner market and business have come up with its chains, jewelry, and accessories, and sometimes, without you knowing - you can be ripped off!

How, you ask? Well, sometimes, to maximize profits, some of these businesses simply gold plate their accessories rather than selling gold jewelry. And for a big chunk of cash too! So how do you figure out what is gold filled vs gold plated?


What's A Gold-Filled Material?

There are two types of gold - gold plated, and gold filled. Gold-filled jewelry has a higher gold subject matter than gold-plated ones. A single or dual layer could cover the interior metal alloy, and a classic gold-filled specimen contains about 20% to 50% gold.


While gold-filled is not as pure as solid gold, it has the same characteristics and an aesthetic, alluring appeal. It is less expensive and lasts longer. In addition, due to its low cost and durability, gold-filled jewelry is popular.


Since gold-filled substances possess more gold than electroplated gold materials, they do not flake or change color when immersed in water. People who wear them can take a bath while wearing a gold-filled wristband or band without scraping off.


On the other hand, solid gold has a high quality, purity, and price. It has the most radiance and shine. However, due to its malleability and softness, pure gold is rarely used in jewelry. Despite being a valuable precious metal, its jewels may not last long in everyday use.


Gold is alloyed with other metals to enhance its strength. And with the addition of alloying elements, the carat gold, which would be a way of measuring gold purity, tends to decrease. The 24 carats of the gold standard are considered the purest. As alloys are added, the karat value may drop to 14-carat gold.

What's The Difference Between Gold Plated And Gold Accessories?

Pure gold jewelry is composed primarily of gold, whereas gold-encrusted and gold-filled jewelry has gold upper skin. To buy gold jewelry, you should understand the distinctions between gold filled vs gold-plated vs gold-lined jewelry.

Gold plated

Gold-plated jewelry, which is by far the most popular type of gold jewelry on the supply chain, is a less costly option than gold-filled pieces of jewelry and solid gold.  Electroplating is a method of applying a thin layer of gold to various materials to give them a goldish, elegant look and an alluring touch. 

A 24-carat gold may be used in a few more gold-plated ornaments, but it is still worthless due to its inestimable size.

Since an incalculable amount of gold materials are used, the jewelry is much less valuable, making solid gold and gold-filled materials significantly more valuable.

Gold Accessories (Solid Gold And Gold Filled)

Solid gold is purer, but due to gold's malleability and lightness, solid gold is rarely used in jewelry. Instead, they are made up of a mix of gold and other precious metals. Since gold-filled rings and necklaces contain more gold than gold-plated jewelry pieces, they are more precious.

Gold-plated metals are really only gold-plated. A thin, inestimable layer of gold is encased with electric methods to offer the material the gleaming appearance of gold. A gold-filled material contains more gold. Typically, it is around 20%. The producer determines the configuration.

Gold-plated jewelry is long-lasting; however, the coverage is not. It can flake off quickly, particularly if subjected to harsh weather conditions like rain. It is not appropriate for daily use. A gold-filled material is long-lasting. Solid gold is also tough when merged with tough alloys like nickel.

More valuable metals are gold-filled and gold-plated. Even if covered with a thin layer of 24 carats of gold, gold-plated items are less precious.



Gold-plated jewelry is ideal for 'on-trend' looks. This way, you can participate in the trend without worrying whether your money invested in a more expensive item was worthwhile. Another excellent application for gold-plated jewelry is the costume and cosplay jewelry. Since these pieces are only worn once or twice, the appearance is much more essential than the sturdiness.

But, gold-filled jewelry is best used in situations where durability and survivability are essential. Gifts for anniversary celebrations, birthday parties, and other special occasions, are far more consequential when the item is designed to last about years. Another example is when an item is chosen to wear regularly; a gold-plated piece could last only a few months if worn frequently. People use gold-filled and gold-plated jewelry as alternative solutions to solid gold jewelry.

The primary distinction between gold-filled vs. gold-plated jewelry is that gold-plated jewelry has a light coating of gold, while gold-filled jewelry has a denser and more durable gold layer.

We hope this post helped you understand the difference between gold filled vs gold-plated jewelry, and now, you can make an informed decision!

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META DESCRIPTION: When buying a gold chain, it is hard to tell the difference between gold filled vs gold-plated. To understand the difference between them, we need to understand the difference in process production and which one to pick.


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