The simplest definition of the chain is, "a chain is a series of interconnected loops of wire mesh". In some cases, discs or balls are used instead of swirls to set up a series of links. Although machine-made chains are in popular demand, hand-crafted chains are still readily accessible at high prices, and vintage collectors buy them at any cost, so they exist. Couples also purchase it as a gift for their partner on a special occasion or day.

The gold chain or jewelry has a long history and is still a popular gift for many occasions, such as an anniversary celebration, a birthday, or Valentine's Day. Miami Cuban link chains originated in Cuba, where they were initially taken to wearing by participants of the Cuban aristocratic class.

Cuban immigrants introduced the jewelry style to Miami in the early twentieth century. That's where it took the name Miami Cuban link chain and became particularly popular in the late 80s and early 90s when many hip-hop music and R&B singers and composers wore it. The necklace is also known as a "Miami link," a "Cuban link," or a Miami Cuban link chain.

How Are The Miami Cuban Link Chains Created?

Flattened type links are used in manufacturing Cuban links. This is accomplished during the filing process, where the gold could be wasted throughout the procedure. Instead, on the contrary, the finely ground gold which will be filed away is used later to make different chains.

Following filing, the necklace achieves the necessary gold mass and amount ramifications.

Mixing Of the Alloys Process

Gold is graded on a karat scale. When referring to gold, a karat is a purity unit that embodies however many components gold (from a total of 24) is in a piece of gold jewelry. That is why "pure" gold is made reference to as 24K gold; 24 of the 24 parts are gold!

When producing Miami Cuban link chains and perhaps other gold jewelry, 24K gold is simply too weak and easily scraped up and compromised over time, even with daily wear! As a result, other materials are alloyed (or blended in) with gold. These metals strengthen and extend the life of the jewelry.

Melting Of Gold Or Silver Process

After combining the amount needed of 24K gold or silver with some other metals, the concoction is liquefied with a propane burner. After that, the gold is deposited inside a cast iron ingot mold. The measurements of the chain considered necessary have already standardized the size of these molds. The probable results bar or ingot is then used to build the chain links, but in the meantime, the bar must always be converted into a wire.

Stretching Of The Wire Process

The gold bar formed in the previous step must be expanded and condensed with the help of various controlled and automated rolling machinery until it is sculpted into the adequate gauge wire for making the chain links. The process is time-consuming, complicated, and requires several more passes to stretch the wire into the appropriate dimensions.

Cutting And Rolling Of Links Process

The gold wire would then be tightly knit around a metal rod of the appropriate diameter to construct a coil, varying according to the size of the chain. This manual procedure requires a huge amount of muscle.

After that, a special saw is often used to cut directly through to the coil to break away the individual links, which are then scrubbed in a red, ultrasonic jewelry cleaning agent. The links would then be intermeshed and forced to close with a vise and pliers such that the sawed features are flushly merged. Thick chains necessitate the use of very fat wire, which is more tough and durable, rendering it unmalleable. That is why, for example, whenever the wound coil is subjected to heat with a torch, the operation of heating the material can be used to significantly raise the elastic properties of the said gold alloy.

Twisting And Soldering Chain Links Process

As each link is connected to the next (as described above), then the cut point is soldered with gold solder. Once all of the chain's links are soldered together, the chain is attached to an advanced manufacturing twisting machine, which contorts one end of the chain while holding the other end still. The goal is to match the links in a single plane.  The chain is heat-treated with the torch several times to help bend the links through into the iconic "flat" position of a Miami Cuban link. The ultrasonic solvent is then used to clean it once more.

Final Phase: Smoothing and Polishing of The Miami Cuban Linked Chains

The polishing and smoothing of the chain are the final phase in the Miami Cuban link-making process.  When this procedure is nearly finished, one of the end links is sliced open and connected to the contrary end of the chain.

After connecting both ends of the chain and welding the cut link sealed, the bordering links are refined again before the entire line is immersed in a 24K electroplating solvent. This gives the final chain a more vibrant gold color, and the same goes for silver Miami Cuban Linked chains too.

After the process is finished, they're then subjected to smoothing using sandpaper and files.


The Miami Cuban Link Chains are among the most classic wardrobe staple chains. In terms of design aesthetics, men's jewelry has few options, and Miami Cuban Linked Chains are the most recent new fad to emerge. Men have been wearing Miami Cuban Link Chains for too many years, and yet, they are most commonly associated with hip-hop fashion and street style.

Styling a Miami Cuban Link Chain will enhance your appearance and not only that, but it also looks elegant and classy in any outfit. These were originally designed for men, but they look just as good, and some might say even better on just about everyone.

These link necklaces can never go out of fashion. Be it attending a cocktail party or official meeting; the Miami Cuban-linked necklaces elevate your style, with all the eyes on you. 

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META DESCRIPTION: The Miami Cuban link chain is a popular piece of jewelry. It's similar to other kind of men's gold chains in that it has an interlaced sequence that makes the chain thicker and more appealing.


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