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What are the most asked questions about Jewelry?

  • We cover everything from how your skin may react to a certain metal, to how some jewelry suppliers are attracting you with false marketing.
  • We also discuss all the types of chains available to you, whether it be the Miami Cuban chain, box chain, or a Franco chain. We have also discussed the difference between standard good quality "costume jewelry", and "precious fine metal jewelry". 
  • We discuss diamonds, what's the difference between cubic zirconia and Moissanite, All the way up to lab-grown and natural diamonds. 
  • We understand that the jewelry industry is very finicky. Some of the people that are selling know that the average person doesn't understand much about jewelry.
  • I've seen advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, google.... you name it, people are selling you costume jewelry (Like we do, we just don't lie) telling you that it's real gold.
  • Yes it might be plated with silver or gold... but the base metal would usually be brass or stainless steel but they won't tell you that in that advertisement....
  • It's best that you educate yourself on what you want so you know when to spot when somebody's lying to you. That is the whole reason why we decided to create this blog.
  • We will continuously add content to this blog for years to come. Videos on YouTube will also be coming soon.
    • Yes we sell jewelry.

  • If you think this whole blog is to manipulate you into buying our jewelry you have falsely mistaken.

  • We created this blog because we know that it's better for the customer (AKA you). You need to know what you're getting so you're happy. What's in it for us if we sell you something and you end up returning it because we didn't tell the truth? And then after all of that, we don't get your return business. Sounds kind of silly doesn't it? Well that's what these people are out here doing destroying their own business relationships. How would you feel if you got a piece of brass plated jewelry and then realized that you were mislead? We will tell you exactly what's in your piece.
  • Since I don't know what else to say LOL thank you for reading and I hope you learn a lot.