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Figaro Chain | 7mm | 18k Gold Plating

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 Our gold-plated Figaro chains are made of a stainless steel base metal, which is allergen free for most people. This Figaro chain is lightweight, comfortable, and affordable. The necklace features the classic "lobster claw clasp". The Lobster Claw clasp is chosen for smaller chains because of its ease of production and matching it to the size of the chain is easy without being wider than the chain itself, making it to "go to choice" for chains that are smaller and have less complicated designs. The chain is available at the length listed: 18, 20, 22 and 24 inches. 

This Figaro chain particularly is a 3-1 link ratio. 

This means three small links to one big link and the pattern repeats.


Product Details of Stainless Steel Figaro Chain:

Stainless Steel Figaro Chain
* Material
Stainless Steel with 18K gold plating
Gold-plated 5 times over.
* Clasp Type
Lobster Claw
* Length (inch)
18" 20" 22" 24"
* Width (mm)
* Qualiity&QC
Top-quality, Lead, Nickel, and Cadmium free.
All products will be checked by QC before packed and shipped.

Features of our Stainless Steel Figaro Chain:

1. Our Stainless Steel Figaro Chains are high quality and easy to wear they are very lightweight for people who work hard and can't have heavy chains flopping around all the time.

2. We adopt 0.3u gold plating 5 times, so it won’t turn your skin green and assures no color fading for at least 1 year. Many competitors use 0.1u-0.2u gold plating, so the jewelry will lose color within 2-3 months ;

3. We use stainless steel as the base material, if this chain was covered in diamonds they would be set with "prong setting" and the material would be changed to Brass or silver. Stainless steel is too hard of a metal to use a prong setting for diamonds.

 4. Stainless steel is the preferred metal other than sterling silver when plating a piece of jewelry. Gold and silver plating bonds to stainless steel as gases are released from stainless steel rather than any other metal, this lets the plating itself bond the grooves "AKA molecular structure" of the metal. So the plating on a stainless steel chain will last quite a bit longer than brass or silver.

Cleaning Instructions

  • The preferred method would be a small ultrasonic cleaner and warm water. Ultrasonic cleaners can get even where a toothpick cant, they are amazing!
  • Alternate methods are warm water, the "all mighty dawn dishsoap" and let it soak into the dirt and then scrub it with a toothbrush.
  • The process pretty cut and dry. Just dont use harsh chemicals they will dull the shine.
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